What’s In My Writing Bag

After my last post, You Don’t Have To Go At It Alone, several of you have asked me to do a what’s in my go bag. I felt that I’d write this weeks post to answer your question. I always carry my backpack everywhere I go. Due to my health issues and the nature my writing process I always need to have access to the things I care in my bag.

Writing Toolsipad-pro-201706-gallery2

I’m truely a subscriber to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook’s, idea that an iPad can replace a laptop for most use cases. I use a 2017 iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard to do most of my writing work. I also carry a Moleskin with pens to write some ideas for when the use of my iPad / iPhone is not appropriate.


With all the USB powered devices I got rid of all the single power blocks and replaced it with the Anker 5-Port. I have to say I’ve tried a lot of different power accessories in the past but I’ve found that I love the Anker products. They are well made and reliable. One other thing I want point to, the Anker PowerLine+ is a braided cable that is wonderfully made and holds up better than the original Apple cables. You also get two for the price of one Apple cable and they come in a nice looking leather cable sleeve. I love these cables.

Cables and AdaptersMK0W2

Okay, I have to admit one issue the iPhone / iPad workflow I have is that I need to carry adapters galore. But considering the weight of the iPad vs that of a laptop and I’ll take it even if I have to carry the adapters. I wanted to point out two things under sections. The Camera Adapter allows you to use a camera with a USB. I’ve also used that adapter with a USB keyboard and even a USB flash drive to download photos and videos. Note it doesn’t work with documents due to Apple’s security programmed into iOS.

Cases and Organizers

Other then Anker you may notice that I love SwissGear and Swiss Army products. I blame my time as a boy scout for this fact.

Everyday Pocket Carry Itemss-l1600

This is all the stuff that I carry in my pockets. I’ve added the eyeglass corkscrew screwdriver to all my Swiss Army Knives since it came standard on the Cybertool. Since I wear glasses I always found it handy to carry a small screwdriver to tighten the screws as needed.

Other Items In My bag

All this stuff is the rest of the items I carry in my backpack. Like I said I was once a boy scout and even in my adulthood I try to live by the motto to always be prepared. Yes, you are reading that right I carry a Sphero Mini. I find it a wonderful distraction when I need it. I use the Sphero EDU app to practice programming the robot with Javascript. Also, it has several desktop games that are entertaining when I just need to look away from the screens in my life for awhile.

Thank you for your question and keep your commits and e-mails coming. I will try to answer any question that you have.

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