What’s In My Pockets: A Writer’s EDC

You can tell a lot about a person based on what things they carry with them every day. Before I tell you what’s in my every day carry or EDC, I have to mention that I also carry a backpack everywhere, which contains most of my work materials and medical supplies. So with that disclaimer out of the way, here is everything that I carry daily on my person.

iPhone XR

I might as well admit that I’m an Apple fanboy. It was my first computer, and it was my first love. I’ve worked on all the major platforms in my time as a network engineer, but I always come back to Apple. I prefer the iPhone to Android because of its simplicity and ecosystem of connected apps. I can access my writing on my iPhone while on a bus, work from my iPad at a coffee shop, or pull an all-nighter with the MacBook Pro, and the information is the same everywhere. At the time of writing this article, we are in the middle of the iPhone 11’s lifecycle, but I rock the iPhone XR because I didn’t see a big enough reason to make the leap to the iPhone 11. Other then the camera system, the iPhone XR does everything I could ask.

AirPods Pro

Paired continuously with my iPhone XR is my AirPods Pros. They are my go-to headphones. I love their portable and noise-canceling technology. The other thing that I love about the AirPods is the way they work with that aforementioned Apple ecosystem. It doesn’t matter what device I use with one or two clicks I can be listening to music or a podcast from the AirPods. The best part is I forget that I even have them in. It’s not unusual to find me jamming through the store with one or both AirPods in my ears.

Apple Watch (Series 3)

Apple is the leader in the smartwatch game and for a good reason. It is fashion meets convince meets technology. I have mine pretty locked down to cut out distractions. I only get fitness, breathing, tasks, and VIP notifications. A few years back, I lost a ton of weight, and I have to say I couldn’t have done it without the annoyance that the fitness workouts on Apple Watch. It’s the motivation and accountability I need.

Glasses case with two pairs of Oakley BarrelHouse glasses

Glasses because I’m blind as a bat. One pair that are my every day glasses and one pair of sunglasses both in the same style of frames, the Oakley Barrelhouses.

Swiss Army Spartan Knife

I’m a former Boy Scout, and so the motto “always be prepared” flows through my veins. I can’t count the number of times the Swiss Army Knife has come to my aid. It is the key to my every day carry, and I feel naked without it. Even when I travel, it only goes into my checked bag at the last possible second, and it goes back into my pocket as soon as I retreated my luggage. I carry the Spartan because of it’s lightweight and my ability to improvise with the tools it has to fit anything I need.

VW Key Fob

Keys for my VW Beetle.

Sharpie Pen – Black

How can you be a writer and not carry a pen? I know that there are other options that are smaller, like a Fisher Space pen, and I’ve even used a few of those options in the past. My current EDC pen is just a Sharpie sick pen. It’s nothing fancy. It is a pen for when ideas strike, or the occasional autograph it works every time. I always seem to lose it before it dies on me.

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Wallet

Lastly, is my wallet. Anyone that knows me knows that I love to express my personality and I’m a nerd. Enter the Nintendo Super Mario Bros. wallet. It’s a leather wallet that looks like the Nintendo Entertainment System’s Super Mario Bros.

I enjoyed sharing what’s in my pockets. I hoped this gave you some ideas or at least gave you an insight into who I am as a person. I will get an updated what’s in my backpack 2020 later this year.

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